We all have a vision for how our lives will go. We dream of the perfect life. You know, graduate college, get married, have a child, and find the perfect job. However, nothing ever goes as planned, does it?

I am guilty of trying to plan my life to a T. Obviously, things didn’t go as planned. But, that’s okay. My daughter has given me purpose and my life is that much better now that she’s in it. I believe it’s in our struggles that we find out who we truly are.

Embrace Thee Journey is about creating the best damn life there is, despite the obstacles ahead. It’s about preserving through life’s bullshit and never giving up on ourselves. It’s about being proud of the individual you’re becoming and letting go of the things that are holding you back!

Embrace Thee Journey is more than an inspirational clothing line. It’s a movement…it’s a lifestyle. In order to get to get to the finish line, you must go through the valley.

I invite you to shop with us and to join the movement!